Immo-Europe offers a full service when it comes to mananging your building

What do we do?
Administrative management

  • A regular inspection of the building is extremely important. So do not be too surprised if you see us on your doorstep!
  • The Annual General Meeting of co-owners is prepared by us. All items on the agenda are reviewed and the minutes are immediately taken during the meeting.
  • In addition to meeting invitations, reports, detailed and clear statements, etc.,  every year we send - two months before the meeting - a letter to all co-owners in order to assemble all problems and comments.
  • This allows us to prepare a correct and complete agenda for the Annual General Meeting.
  • We are at your disposal 24 to 24 hours and 7 days on 7 ! Through our remote secretarial services, we are immediately accessible for emergencies.
  • Through regular training, changes in legislation and latest developments are commonplace to us.

Financial management

  • The financial management of your residence (which can always be viewed in the office and on-line through your (free) personal identification code) is maintained with an extremely transparent and up to date management software package. Invoices, payments, journal entries, working capital and reserve funds can be consulted right up to the smallest detail.
  • All insurance claims are closely monitored by us until after the final settlement. We ask for estimates, contact experts,  attend the expertise, and take all necessary precautions to minimize the damage, etc.
  • A Civil professional liability insurance covers us for the benefit of the co-owners against any professional mistakes or financial insolvency.

Technical management

  • We use  local, skilled craftsmen for all maintenance and repairs.
  • For collective energy costs  (central heating etc,) we read the meters once a year. Using the available data we  calculate, divided and mold this data into a transparant table and include it in the yearly cost account.

Request for quotation management

Don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote.